The Dingo x The Filament Scholarship for 
Underrepresented First Time Managers

May 14, 2021

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The Filament is partnering with Dingo to offer two underrepresented first-time managers free access to an eight-week remote leadership program that will bring together future people leaders, executive coaches, and likeminded people imagining a more inclusive executive class. The program will focus on…

Manager Education

Each week, Dingo instructors will cover different topics and actionable frameworks through a variety of delivery approaches that caters to varied managerial styles, team needs, and goals. Participants can expect around 3 to 4 hours of work each week, including live sessions, case study discussions, and follow-up conversations.


Participating managers will work with experienced leadership coaches during 1:1 sessions designed to align personal strengths with professional goals in service of helping build high-performing cultures.

Team Analysis

Dingo instructors will work with managers to understand the needs of their employees, focusing on working styles and communication skills. The goal is to help first-time managers quickly become proactive managers.


Great managers have great support networks. Dingo will facilitating group interactions both synchronously and asynchronously during and after the program.

To apply, please click this link, submit an application and use FILAMENT as the referral code. The first two applicants to do so will be granted a scholarship. The Filament x Dingo Scholarship is not specifically for managers in DEI roles. Underrepresented managers from any department can apply if they have been recently elevated into a new role.