Diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals are changing the tech industry. We have their back.

Our hyper-focused journalists are the definitive source of news for the new generation of DEI practitioners.

What We Offer


Leader Insights: Strategic and tactical conversations with well known industry leaders

Case Studies: Insight into best practices developed in a wide variety of tech businesses

Salary Surveys: Industry-wide transparency on compensation for staff and ERG leaders

+ Lunch Sessions: Hosted, off-the-record webinars for industry professionals

Who We Reach

Our Journalists

Ruth Umoh

A veteran diversity reporter, Ruth Umoh previously led coverage of equity issues at Forbes and CNBC. Umoh holds a graduate degree from Columbia University and lives in New York City.

Simi Shah

Private equity analyst turned journalist Simi Shah reports at the intersection of VC and culture. In her spare time Simi supports Girls Who Invest and the Harvard South Asian Association.

Our Advisors

The Chief of Staff, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Google, Anees Hasnain is a fierce advocate for equity in Silicon Valley.

Head of People at Knotch, Garrison Gibbons is a DEI practitioner and culture and belonging expert who works with hyper-growth companies.

The founder of EMP HR Consulting, Mai Ton is a veteran human resources professional with 20 years of work experience at technology start-ups.

A privacy policy advisor at Google and founder of the empathy-first consulting practice Em|PACT Strategies, Corey Ponder builds communities.


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